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From the Desk of: Rusty Moore, Seattle WA
Re: Your Blueprint to Incredible Abs

So why does it seem that only celebrities or people in magazines have great abs, but you rarely seem them in day-to-day life?

I have traveled to dozens of beaches in various parts of the world and let me tell you…six pack abs are a RARE thing!

…even more rare is someone who has sharp 6 pack abs year-round.

A Golf Pro With the Best Abs I Have Ever Seen?

So let’s take the time machine WAY back to 1988…

I’m in college at the University of Washington and have been working out hard for about 2 years. One of my college buddies has a full-ride to UW on a golf scholarship and works at a nearby golf course on the weekends. He became friends with a golf pro who lived on the course (more about that in a sec).


So, like a lot of college aged guys, I wanted 6 pack abs. In the late 80’s fitness was big. It seemed like every guy (and most girls) from the age of 18-22 trained 4-5 times per week.

Like a lot of people back then,  I had visible abs some of the time.

Under the Perfect Overhead Lighting, My Abs Rocked!

  • If the sun was high in the sky and I was sporting some Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil, my ab definition looked decent. These days I wear 15 SPF in the sun! Hawaiian Tropic Oil is basically negative SPF.
  • If I was in a dark room with bright overhead lighting I had a great 6 pack. Many people can relate to this. In fact they use this in movies and photo shoots. “Fools Gold” abs in my opinion.
  • After working out and sweating like crazy, my abs would look better than ever. In the locker room…another dark room with a strong light directly overhead.

So, Back to the Story of the Golf Pro…

This guy lived above the pro shop at the course where my college buddy worked. At night, when the course was closed, he would have parties on a massive rooftop deck that over looked the course. Here is a recent picture of the side that doesn’t face the course…

When visiting this guy during one of his parties we were talking about working out.

A girl across the room screamed at the golf pro to show us his abs.

Apparently this guy had some decent abs and this was his girlfriend. She seemed slightly buzzed from her “California Cooler” and ran over and lifted up his shirt.

To This Day…The Sharpest Abs I Have Seen in Person.

He didn’t even belong to a gym!

In the attic of this living space above the club house is an exposed ceiling with beams that are just out of reach and thin enough to grab on to. 

His abs were a result of 3 Variations of hanging leg raises.

(He spent about 15 minutes teaching us how to do this correctly)

  • Grab a Bar without straps (because you want to develop your grip as well).
  • Slowly lift knees while keeping your legs in a bent, but locked position…then lower your legs back down. You will feel these in your hip flexors more than you abs the first few times you do these.
  • Aim for 4-5 sets of 10-15 reps…less reps if you are going slowly…higher reps if you are doing these with high velocity.
  • There are several “tweaks” to target exactly where you weak spots are on your abs. If you have “4 pack”, if your obliques are soft, if you want the “v” in your lower abs, etc.

Within 6 Months of Doing These Consistently – Using His 3 Variations – My Abs Dramatically Improved!

I remember coming home from college and going out water-skiing with my friends back home. I was putting on my wetsuit (because the Puget Sound is freezing) and immediately a few of my friends asked me if I lived in the gym instead of going to class, while I was away at college.

They noticed a pretty big difference compared to the summer before. It was a good feeling, because all of us were kind of workout junkies back then…plus most guys that age aren’t really quick to compliment. Usually we would poke fun at each other for entertainment.

It was fun to be known as the “abs guy” in my circle of friends.

I spent the next year and 1/2 perfecting the hanging leg raise and my abs just got sharper and sharper. It was working better than ever. Unfortunately something bad happened that prevented me from doing hanging leg raises.

Back Injury

I Experienced a Devastating Back Injury While Warming Up on the Leg Press Machine.

My back was so messed up it hurt to stand. When I tried to do hanging leg raises my back throbbed with pain for hours after…unfortunately I had to drop these from my routine.

Within 3-4 months I was able to do hanging leg raises and my abs got sharp again.

…then 2 years later, my back injury “magically” reappeared.

I had to drop hanging leg raises again!

This injury cycle repeated itself over and over again over a 10 year period. I wasn’t about to live my life like this so I did some research.

I Discovered That the Very Same Exercise That Gave Me Great Six Pack Abs…The Hanging Leg Raise…Was Also a Leading Cause of My Recurring Back Injury!

Back in 2003 I decided to drop hanging leg raises for good from my routine. This was after doing extensive research online which led me to the World’s leading back injury expert, Stuart McGill.

I picked up a copy of his book “Low Back Disorders” which opened my eyes to the connection between ab exercises and low back pain.

“When the spine is fully flexed, we’ve measured the spine losing up to 40% of its ability to bear compressive loads. In other words the spine is strongest when in a neutral position.”
Dr. Stuart McGill: University of Waterloo - ON, Canada

Staurt McGill recommends avoiding any ab movement that “flexes the spine forward”. Unfortunately hanging leg raises are an exercise that do flex the spine forward to a certain extent. They aren’t as bad as crunches, but still are something to avoid.


*Crunches are a spine killer!

…they won’t do immediate damage, but you are asking for a back injury if you do these over the long term. The spine doesn’t just get weakened while doing the exercise…this “weakened effect” is still present long after you finish the exercise.

From 2003-2009 I Just Used “Stabilization” Ab Exercises (Like Planks) and Dropped Everything Else

Planks are a fantastic ab exercise. They actually work your core and promote a healthy spine as well. My favorite thing about the plank is that they work your abs evenly. If you have super defined upper abs and your lower abs are lacking…then planks can correct this imbalance.


You can get pretty darn good looking abs from planks. There are also quite a few stabilization exercises that work your abs well, while improving spine heath. Definitely a win-win!

Drop your body fat down low and master the plank exercise. You will have sharp looking abs!

I spent 6 years doing nothing but planks and 2 other stabilization exercises for my abs. My abs looked pretty sharp most of the time and my better yet…

6 years without a back injury and ZERO back pain.

…BUT back in the Hanging Leg Raise days my abs were “head-turning”. With stabilization exercises, they looked just “kind-of” defined. I was frustrated! Deep down I knew planks weren’t as effective as hanging leg raises.

One Year Ago, I Created a Workout Which Combined Hanging Leg Raises and Stabilization Exercises: …the Ultimate Deep 6 Pack Ab Routine.

…this routine is working so well, I felt compelled to share it!

Some Highlights of this 44 Page Laser-Focused Strategic Ab Course.

  • The reason very few people get 6 pack abs, despite giving it their BEST effort.
  • Why using your legs as resistance is the key to amazing abs…this “Blows Away” Situps, Crunches, Machines, etc.
  • 6 progressively tougher versions of the Hanging Leg Raise …(this will challenge even the most experienced athlete).
  • A simple movement that many people view as a “beginner’s exercise”, but works the Lower Abs better than anything else.
  • How to use Static Isometric Holds <—to tighten the muscles that frame the abs, without making them look bulky.
  • A cheap $15 piece of equipment you can buy at any sporting goods store that will Dramatically Improve the density of your abs.
  • A hardcore dumbbell exercise that will further tighten up your obliques without building size (hint: NOT side bends).
  • How to properly use “Bridging” after each ab workout to build great abs while making your lower back close to injury proof.
  • When to incorporate high velocity ab movements and when to use low velocity ab movements, for maximum effect.
  • How both low reps and high reps, when used strategically, will improve the depth and tone of your abs.
  • How to Work Your Abs if you are recovering from a back injury…and what to do to prevent that injury from coming back.
  • A specific exercise that you must do regularly if you want to Eliminate back pain for good.
  • Why you should actually get better abs as you age, not worse. How to have better abs at 50, than you did when you were 25.

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